The Spiders and the Bees

Gepubliceerd op 8 mrt. 2019
Everyone was so afraid of spiders when what we should have been fearing is bees.
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  • james, you're awesome hi

  • I’m scared of spiders but I don’t whams to be scarf of them

  • I have your book I went to Walmart and got

  • now i feel bad for flys and the others but i love this sooooooooooo much

  • Today I have found a spider in my school and take it with me because I found her cute and one of my friend was like "PUT THAT AWAY FROM ME NOW"

  • Few days ago when i was watching videos in bed at night i suddenly a spider was crawling on my chest i freaked out and beat the shit oit of it I cloudnt sleep that night it was horrible.....

  • I would smash it with a book 😂

  • Jellyfish are Way more scary

  • Last digit of likes is who you are: 1: TheOdd1sout 2: Jaiden Animations 3: Rebeca Parham 4: TimTom 5: Alex Clark 6: Chilly Panda 7: Sugar 8: yourself 9: Me 0: you choose

  • Hi at loviu...ok no se ablar en ingles

  • James is a furry

  • "they don't even have one eyes!"

  • I've had a bee on my arm and head for 10 minutes

  • I always get votes from spiders but I do not want to get hurt really bad by them🤧🤧😷🤒🤕

  • Чоо взрыв мозга он на русском языке название написал 👍👍🤘🤘❤️💙💚❤️💙💚 one love

  • No I hate spiders mosquitoes in Belize but OK😿😿🙀🙀😧

  • Minor correction. All spiders are venomous, but the majority of them aren't potent enough to do more than leave an itchy bump.

  • I've been subed for too long

  • But then if a bee lands on your amy 7:31

  • I want my chess box with Alex clark

  • In my speech and debate class, I was supposed to make a parody and I made a parody of Life is Fun, here it is (its pretty bad) (only for about 1:30 seconds) Ahhh! Such a pleasant looking day (uh yeah) The sun's gleaming out in a beautiful way (uh woo) Gonna brush my teeth, see that pickle and No one cares about that pickle man Um.. Ummmmm.. But I'll take it out of the house Driving downtown on a beautiful road Spying out a beautiful toad Toads are going to die to your carbon emissions But I- I-, I'll go to school Try to maintain As and keep it cool Try my best using every tool 98% of what you learn is a waste I like to hang out with the pickle blend My blend is the coolest friend One possibility to do out of millions That is a waste of time and your jar of pickles will break I guess not! I live in America! So proud of its discrimination to non whites The bald eagle means freedom for all Tell that to the slaves and they are not bald fun fact I love moments with my pickle juice, yeah every second At any moment the jar will break and you could get depression But I'll keep my smile on no matter the troubles That’s quite genetic and there is no cure Well, at least We have pickles Not for long Life needs pickles No it does not We gotta make the most of it, make the most of it Or you probably will regret it We have pickles Maybe for now Life needs pickles Not for everyone We gotta make the most of it, make the most of it Good luck Woo! I got a brand new job today! Making pickles that'll help the economy I'll save money and buy more pickles Banks can crash and the system is flawed And it's all because of my hard work

  • T seres is gay like this zdravo zdravo zdravo zdravo zdravo zdravo zdravo zdravo zdravo zdravo zdravo zdravo zdravo zdravo zdravo zdravo zdravo zdravo zdravo zdravo zdravo zdravo zdravo zdravo zdravo zdravo zdravo zdravo zdravo zdravo zdravo zdravo zdravo zdravo zdravo zdravo zdravo zdravo

  • Brown Recluse will fucking kill you

  • I know 100 people that are scared of snacks for no reason I love snacks

  • She only has 3 legs 1:43

  • 4:39 You just said it: it's a phobia, of course it doesn't make sense.

  • One time I was on a beach and this bee just straight up stung my stomach

  • Ill never kill a spider agai jfklosdahjnfplk;sadnkldfhgkjklyul;ui yhuk

  • 2:24 - 7:34 - 7:53 like if you laughed

  • Yeet

  • Don't blame me, blame the world.

  • germany has so many wasps. wasps are like bees but dont give a fuck about how youre feeling, they just want to see pain and the despair in ones eyes

  • 6:45-6:50 I laughed to death

  • Have you every gone though a faze of you never wanna grow up?

  • Beeees are SCARY

  • I don’t care, spiders are gross and i wanna kill them all

  • I saw jerry the moth waving at meeeeee!!!!!! I’m so proud...😭

  • Aren't you dating Mikayla snow

  • The real enemy of me is hornets, fuck hornets

  • Jeez, someone finally understands why Im afraid of bees >_>

  • I love your vids

  • That laugh

  • When James doesn't upload in a day HOLY FRICK. THAT'S TRUE FEAR

  • Well,thank you Alex,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,

  • Have you ever been in your bathroom and feel something crawling on your arm and you expected an insect there and saw a cockroach before flicking it off and get angry at it for spooking you a little and say "f*ck off you b*tch" to the cockroach? It just happened a few seconds ago...

  • I Can’t Believe You Won!

  • 4:53 I thought that James was gonna pop the bag, XD

  • 2:26 OOF

  • How was the air-soft war with mr.Beast?

  • There was a bee on my leg once and I... just stood there

  • Post the Royale battle

  • Who pollinates the other 70% of plants

  • How is this relateible to PewDiePie?

  • *laughs in australian*

  • april 26th is the day when avangers endgame premiers

  • I in Australia

  • Odd1sout you should watch icecreamsandwich sipers It’s sooo funny Yours is still better ;)

  • Paige crazy fun

  • Why do you don’t like spiders James WHY!!!!!!!

  • People are scared of spiders? They should be scared of cassowarys (of course they’re in Australia)

  • Bees are super important

  • nice

  • Your almost at 11,000,000 subscribers!!

  • If you like sweets then you should know what are you eating,that's right it's honey and the bees get nothing just death if they stab you UwU I'm swart

  • ok i live in australia aannnndddd i havint seen a spider in like 2 days thats like a record! oh wait there's one right next to me ... huh

  • when i was small all of my friends will run away from spider but, me i always want spider to bit me because all i want when i was small was being Spider Man XD

  • Im moving to africa.

  • 1 Like = 1 Dollar for the blind spider to graduate college Also don’t like lol

  • Go watch Lucas the Spider! He's so cute that you won't be terrified anymore!

  • Кто русский?????

  • I killed a bee one time, and it wasn't accidentally :(

  • I am solo happy that you won the mrbeast airsoft round :)

  • Yo James. Fight me in Tetris. I can battle you. I got skill. Come at me

  • I wish spiders looked like that.

  • James now there's a m8m chocolate bar try!

  • You can't beat me in tetris. I deafeted *level 1.*

  • Haha 7:34

  • If it was summer again BOY I would pick up 100000000000000000000 spiders I love spiders

  • Wait.. the mom spider dies in like not even a day after birth of the kids

  • Filipinos isn't scared of Spiders. We actually play with it.

  • 🕷vs Harry the moth

  • Actually honeybees we’re not needed in our ecosystem not even today,ever since the mayflowers voyage we have been unknowingly brought honeybees to our country which are not really needed as insects such as wasp ,moths and fly pollinate the mass majority of plants and needed vegetables even beetles contribute to this list though honeybees actually kill these natural pollinators

  • The spiders and bees They scare the crap outta me

  • Soooooo.....whens the chess boxing

  • Who was the girl voice

  • bees in north america should all die because there a invading creature

  • The thumbnails have been changed 3 times

  • 🚨 Pewdiepie is Loosing! We need the 9 year old army 🚨

  • Pls watch this

  • Congratulations for winning Airsoft battle royale (Apex legend)

  • My muscles hurt from laughing so much! I love your story telling! :D


  • I got superpowers

  • my friend killed 2 bees today. :/

  • :o

  • I just realized after all this time that the 1 is the off ONES out... I think I'm retarded

  • James just kidnapped a spider

  • And I thought you were awesome before this video :D

    • Oh, also I’m glad you said NOT to throw your inside spiders outside. Just let those babies live! They are so precious. People don’t even know 😭

  • James I have wet my bed since I was nine don't feel bad about yourself and you help me a lot

  • What happend at mr beast royal you won right????????????